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Ishin-Din-Shen was an interactive installation created for the 2013 ARS Electronica Festival that utilized REVEL’s reverse-electrovibration technology to create auditory experiences. Originally developed to create haptic sensations, the electrovibrations were magnified to generate audible sound waves. This allowed users to turn specially treated objects – and even their own body – into speakers.
I originally developed procedures for coating objects with the conductive and insulating layers needed to react to a user’s touch and generate the electrovibration sensations. I refined the process for Ishin-Din-Shen to help magnify the effect and improve the auditory feedback. I created a series of interactive objects for the project, concentrating on a set of large, metal ears which would vibrate to the touch. These ears eventually became one of the centerpieces of the installation.
The installation received an Honorary Mention in ARS Electronica’s Interactive Category

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