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REVEL is a haptic technology which modifies the user's tactile perception of the physical world using reverse electro-vibration.
I assumed a number of responsibilities on the REVEL project. I began by creating and testing a range of different materials and coatings to optimize REVEL’s performance with a variety of objects and applications.
I created test pieces out of aluminum, wood, nylon, and 3D printed resin. I discovered processes that could coat these objects with the conductive and insulating layers that REVEL needed to function. This was important because REVEL works best if the coatings are both very thin and very smooth. I collaborated with a number of manufactures to optimize the results of these coating processes.
I worked with fifteen different companies on a range of processes including anodization, vacuum coating, electroless deposition, and conductive paint. I created fifty different samples for testing with Revel.

​Samples and test pieces created for experiments with REVEL.  I used materials ranging from copper to UV cured resin.

Once I had a range of working processes at my disposal I made high quality examples that could be used to showcase REVEL. I created physical models of the Utah Teapot, the ubiquitous example in computer graphics demonstrations.

​Making a REVEL aluminum Utah teapot, left to right: A wireframe mesh created in SolidWorks,

a rendering of the model, and finally the finished teapot after anodization.

​Making a REVEL 3D printed teapot, left to right: After printing but before cleaning,

with aluminum vacuum plating, and finally after powder coating

To accomplish this, I created a detailed model of the Utah Teapot with Solidworks and then worked with machinists to create both an aluminum and a nylon version of the teapot. I also created a third teapot using the 3D printer at Disney Research. All three of the teapots were specially coated so a user could feel REVEL's electro-vibrations on the surface. 
We were invited to show REVEL at SIGGRAPH's 2012 Emerging Technology. For the exhibition I designed and built props and equipment to demonstrate REVEL. This included building a custom projector mount and display cases for the samples. In addition, I was responsible for collaborating with the tech crew at SIGGRAPH to create the necessary infrastructure for demonstrating REVEL.

Image Gallery

​The Magical Wooden Stick demo at SIGGRAPH 2012

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