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Space Duel

I created the art and assets for Space Duel, a game created by Electric Purple Studios.
Our goal was to create a game inspired by the graphics and game play of old arcade shooters such as Galaga and Centipede. However, instead of one ship fighting a horde of computer controlled monsters Space Duel is a two-player game revolving around two human controlled fleets battling each other.
All ships in a fleet move in unison. The front row of ships are invulnerable, but have no weapons. Thus, a player must expose their other ships to enemy fire in order to attack. Games of Space Duel are fast and frantic, with each player attempting to outmaneuver the other fleet.
Programming was done by Timothy Vaughn and Matt Kamearer, while I handled art and assets. All three of us were involved in making game design decisions.
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