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Reconfigurable Wheel-Track

I was one of the engineers on NREC's contribution to DARPA's Ground X‑Vehicle Technology (GXV-T) program. I developed the design for a wheel that can transform into a triangle track while the vehicle is still in motion. My design was selected  by DARPA as the primary design for the project. The technology won Popular Science "Best of What's New" award for 2018. 
I was responsible for designing and building the first system prototype, a stationary unit that could transform an active track. The system proved the viability of the concept to DARPAand was one of the motivating factors in DARPA deviding to move forward with the project.
In later phases I was responsible for the FEA analysis of the wheel system and vehicle suspension. I used ANSYS to run linear dynamic simulations taking into account impact loads on the system in different driving conditions. I am also responsible for the design of key components and assisting in the prototyping and mounting of the wheel on our test vehicle.
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