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Forest Crawl

I worked on the game mechanics and created the assets for Forest Crawl, a game created by Electric Purple Studios. It is a lighthearted, casual game which combines Minesweeper with elements of an adventure game. Each new game of Forest Crawl creates a random forest maze on a hex grid. Certain hexes are safe, while others hold hidden traps. The goal of Forest Crawl is to journey through the woods and find your friend, who got lost while on vacation.
The player knows the number of traps bordering certain spaces in the maze. They can use this information to find a safe path through the woods that brings them closer to their lost friend. In addition, the player needs to collect food for their journey by collecting enough mushrooms. In this way players are encouraged to explore the forest before setting out.
Programming was done by Timothy Vaughn and Matt Kamearer, while I handled art and assets. All three of us were involved in making game design decisions.
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