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"Booth" is an annual tradition at Carnegie Mellon University where students build large wooden buildings for the annual Carnival. The buildings can be up to 20 ft tall and are themed with decorations and games.  There is a high level of competition among student groups to build the best booth.

I was booth chair for the KGB student group my sophomore, junior, and senior years. As booth chair I was in charge of leading the group in the design, planning, and construction of the booth.
During the week before Carnival I directed the construction of the booth, and managed the other students working on the project. I learned which job each person was most excited about and did my best to ensure those jobs were available to them. This was important because our workforce was all volunteers; so the more people enjoyed themselves while working the stronger and more reliable the workforce we had to finish the booth.
I led meetings to explore different ideas for themes, layout, and features, and assimilated these ideas into a uniform booth design. I created detailed CAD models of the booth and used them to generate blueprints, floor plans, and parts lists to ensure we had all of the raw materials we needed during construction.
I was also responsible for solving on-site problems that arose during construction. When decorations failed to arrive or wood got cut incorrectly I led the group in creating solutions that were both quick and viable while tilll considering our resources and skill set. I found that the most important roll I could assume as a leader was to keep everyone calm and productive during emergencies.

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