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Gaming Expierences in Free Air

This was an interactive installation created to showcase Aireal’s free air haptic technology for SIGGRAPH’s 2013 Emerging Technology.  Aireal is a device I designed which uses vortices to create tactile sensations on a user’s skin. The work centered on a projected butterfly guests could play with. As they held the butterfly the vortices would let them feel the beating of the butterfly’s wings. 
I worked closely with the team’s artist on the presentation of the installation and game design of the butterfly experience. I also created a technical demo which allowed guests to test the full range of the device.
I was also the technical director for the demonstration, organizing the required infrastructure and coordinating the installation between Disney Research and SIGGRAPH and leading the team’s construction efforts during SIGGRAPH.
The installation received uniformly positive feedback from the SIGGRAPH community as well as press from Wired, Engadget, and Fastcompany.

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