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Aeronauts is a pen-and-paper role playing game created by Electric Purple Studios, a game studio I helped found. My goal was to create a game focused on fun player interactions and engaging logistics revolving around the players' airship. I encouraged a small group of Carnegie Mellon students and alumni to help and created a dedicated development team of five people. We have been holding weekly meetings for the past two years and are completing the second major revision of the book. We are organizing a range of play tests and talking with a publisher.

Artist: Ethan Gladding

I lead the artists on the team to create a detailed world as a backdrop for the game. We produced imagery and scenes that give players a strong impression of the game world and get them excited about playing. I also wrote a series of short stories geared towards showing players the actions and roles they can take as they play the game.
In addition to working on story and lore I helped create the mechanics of the game. We focused on making a set of rules that encourage players to relax and have fun, even if their characters are in "danger". The game rewards playful acting and risk taking. I am also exploring 3D printing of figures for the game.
Aeronauts has been a very rewarding experience, in a large part because of the diverse, dedicated group that I have been working with. Since the game is not for a class or a job it is a completely volunteer effort. I learned to keep the group on track and work towards self-imposed deadlines.

Artist: Alex Falk

Development Team
Timothy Vaughan: Game Design
Jared Goerner: Game Design
Alex Falk: Art, Nation Design
Ethan Gladding: Art, Layout

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