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"Literal Gajoob"

Animation created for Electronic Media Studio II. I enjoy playing with the bizarre imagery that can arise from taking the lyrics of songs literally, and for this piece I set out to animate the song with the most nonsensical lyrics: The Beatle’s “I Am The Walrus.”
Created in Flash.

"Going Up"

"Going Up" was the final group project for 3D Animation Art & Technology. I created the initial story board, which was selected to become one of the final animations for the class. During the creation of the animation I was in charge of motion capture, rigging, and character modeling. I recorded the motion data from our actor and then used the data to animate the characters. I also created the fur for the furry monsters. The animation was created in Maya.

"Of You / For You"

Stills from a collaborative animation effort. Created in Flash.

"Furball" - Light & Hair Test

A short animation I created to test lighting, movement, and fur. Simple and cute.
Created in Maya.

"Going Up" - Motion Capture Test

A test of the motion capture data I recorded for "Going Up".
Created in Maya.

"Going Up" - Walk Cycle Test

An experimental walk cycle. Designed to test the motion and weight of a biped character with no upper body.
Created in Maya.


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